Friday, September 27, 2013

Summer Painting with Gregory Kondos

Hey there! These are a few paintings that I did over this summer in Lake Tahoe, Nevada for a summer workshop course at Sierra Nevada College. Long days in the mountain sun, and fun times with students I had never met. The teacher was the contemporary, Gregory Kondos, though he's now in his ninety's and still sticking it with his young students.

Fantastic class, being that I learned the true importance of going out, and painting, rather than sitting inside and thinking about doing it "later". The style was a combination of my own with Mr. Kondos's and I feel that I did improve throughout the three consecutive days of beach painting.

The first day was at sand harbor. I managed to find a roofed lunch area to avoid too much sun. Kids and families everywhere, people stopping by with comments and smiles. This image was hard for me, considering I create pictures of people, never nature. I followed Kondos requests of creating a compositionally pleasing scene. This was my reference:

My next painting was in Tahoe City, at a shore-front restaurant area. I once again, secluded myself in some shade of the pine trees with a few other students, and good thing, because it was wicked windy that day! I used a smaller canvas this time, and chose to present my view vertically with the trees and distance of the lake shore. I don't have any reference images for this one, it was ghastly weather that day; we all packed up early.
The last day was my favorite. I had gotten to know several students, the only other college student Sammy, whom had talked to me about art classes and various schools, and some folks in their thirties, forties and fifties taking the class to meet the well-known Mr. Kondos, and improve their painting skills.
We all spread out on a private beach in Incline Village, the houses on the shore were goreous!
This day, which I believe was a Thursday, was just as windy as yesterday, but there were no places to hide. I sketched a couple pictures of which view I liked best, moving more towards a realistic depiction than making up my own composition. This is what I came up with for that day. 

I am inspired by impressionism, and enjoyed the brush-work and color emphasis of the lake.
These are my References:
The boat was never in the water, nor had I ever drawn or painted on. the Buoy was added to give the boat "grounds" so to speak. I love the light streak in the water, it reminds me of the commercials of vacation places in the Caribbean and snorkeling.

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